Online Babysitting Course

Do you want to stand out as being a confident babysitter who's adored by kids and praised by parents?

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Babysitting Certification Online

Babysitting can be a great way to earn pocket money and hanging out with kids can certainly be rewarding and fun. However, parents know that it is a privilege not a right to to look after their kids and being professional on the job is a must. Investing in an online babysitter training course for your teen gives the reassurance that they know what's expected and are prepared for the challenges and rewards of babysitting.

online babysitting course

Online Babysitting Course

understanding children

Understanding Children

Learn all about: Developmental stages, Age appropriate activities, Behaviour management

Basic Childcare

Holding a baby, Nappy changing, Bottle and formula preparation, Food preparation and healthy snacks, Getting dressed, Hygiene, Bath time, Bed time

safety at home

Safety at Home

Become an expert in safety at home: Fire safety at home, Pet safety, Natural disasters and emergency response

First Aid and Medical

Serious injury serious illness, Cuts scrapes and bleeding, Head injuries, Fractures, Bumps, bruises and signs of abuse, Burns, Bites and stings, Allergies and asthma, Medication safety, Poisons, Choking

safety out and about

Safety out and about

Going out with kids, Sun and heat exposure, Car safety, Water safety, Riding on wheels, Playgrounds and backyards, Farm safety

just for you

Just for you

Starting your own babysitting business, Being professional, expectations, what can go wrong and know how to deal with it

What does the Babysitting Training course teach you?

online babysitting course

This is why families want you to do a Babysitter course

Practical Preparation for taking on the responsible job of babysitting

Families will expect you to have the skills and knowledge to keep kids safe and engaged under your care

Every paid job requires at least some training so why should looking after children be any different?

Online babysitting training is a great way to see if working with children is for you

Taking our babysitting class teaches basic life skills about looking after yourself and others.

Stand out from the crowd as someone who is serious about the important job of looking after children.

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Frequently asked questions

In most places there is no set age to start babysitting. However, most tweens are not ready until at least the age of 12. You can take the Sittertrain babysitter training course when you are thinking about becoming a babysitter which will help you work out when you are ready to start. 

Some teens are ready to be a babysitter at 14 or 15 or even younger especially if they are looking after younger siblings or starting out as a mothers helper.  What parents really want is to know that you have the skills and knowledge to be a safe, responsible and reliable babysitter. 

As the parent of a teen starting out babysitting,  you will have peace of mind that they have gained the essential skills to look after children after gaining the Sittertrain Babysitting basics certification. 

The course will take about 6 hours to complete. You can log on and off any time. 

Yes of course!  You must pass each section with a min of 80% correct. Don’t worry, if you can always try again if you dont pass the quiz the first time. When you complete the course you will be able to download a certicate printed with your name and completion date. 

Your Sittertrain course does not expire as we know you may want to go back to check information and resources after you have finished the course.

There is no single governmental regulation of the in-home child care industry. Our babysitting course material has all been read and verified for accuracy from a range of professionals including paediatric nurses, teachers, parenting educators, and professional water and outdoor safety experts. All of our instructional videos and fact sheets are provided through reputable private and government sources.

Sittertrain partners with many babysitting agencies who give preference to those who have completed  the Sitttertrain Babysitting training course. If your agency is not familar with sittertrain, they can always contact us. Your certificate is proof to any employer that you have taken the time to learn the essentials of babysitting and take the job seriously.  

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Occasionally, we may experience technical difficulties or close the site for regular maintenance. If you are experiencing problems with any part of the website, please contact us for support so we can help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

The cost of the babysitting course is $100. Just click one of the sign up buttons to get started