Online Nanny Training Course

Gain confidence by completing a professionally endorsed nanny training course

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Who is the Nanny Course for?

New Nannies

Gain confidence with essential skills

New Nannies

Now that you have taken the decision to become a nanny, take this course to show that you take your profession seriously
Yes please

Professional Nannies

Detailed and expert knowledge

Professional Nannies

Even if you have nannied before this course provides detailed and expert tips on looking after children at and out of their homes
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You want a nanny that you can trust


Choose an agency that values sitter trained nannies or offer a gift to your nanny
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How do I become a Nanny?

While there’s no official Nanny University and you don’t need a fancy degree to become a nanny, let’s be real – experience is king! Have you spent time with kids nannying before? Babysitting? Volunteering with little rascals? Yup, that counts big time! But hey, it wouldn’t hurt to sprinkle some education into the mix. No need to hit the books for a Ph.D., but taking our online nanny courses can totally level up your game. A certificate in practical hands-on knowledge of how to manage multiple kids in sticky situations, first aid and safety will make you shine like a glittery unicorn in the nanny world!  With your Sittertrain Nanny certificate, love for kids, and a sprinkle of nanny know-how, you’re bound to be the Mary Poppins of modern times! 

Nanny Certification

understanding children

Understanding Children

Learn all about: Developmental stages, Age appropriate activities, Behaviour management

Basic Childcare

Holding a baby, Nappy changing, Bottle and formula preparation, Food preparation and healthy snacks, Getting dressed, Hygiene, Bath time, Bed time

safety at home

Safety at Home

Become an expert in safety at home: Fire safety at home, Pet safety, Natural disasters and emergency response

First Aid and Medical

Serious injury serious illness, Cuts scrapes and bleeding, Head injuries, Fractures, Bumps, bruises and signs of abuse, Burns, Bites and stings, Allergies and asthma, Medication safety, Poisons, Choking

safety out and about

Safety out and about

Going out with kids, Sun and heat exposure, Car safety, Water safety, Riding on wheels, Playgrounds and backyards, Farm safety

just for you

Just for you

Benefit from detailed information on how to become an expert nanny, connect with families,expectations and keeping yourself safe

This is why families want you to do an Au Pair course

Why take an Au Pair online training course?

Give the gift of knowledge to your new Au Pair

au pair online training course

Living with a family on the other side of the world is a big move but can be incredibly rewarding. The Sittertrain Au Pair training school guides Au Pairs through the important job they have taken on. 

Why not give the Au Pair you have chosen to be part of your family the perfect Au Pair welcome gift- the gift of knowledge with a Sittertrain gift card?

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Frequently asked questions

Around 8 hours but you can go at your own pace and log on and off any time.

Just follow the links to sign up and you will recieve an email with all you need to create an account. If you signed up through an Au Pair agency you can use the coupon code you have been given to enter free

Just send Sittertrain an email

Yes, the online Au Pair course is designed to help you manage common situations you may face in any country you are Au Pairing in

The course is designed for everyone to pass. You need to attain 80% on each quiz to move to the next. If you don’t get it first time, just go over the information and try again. 

Its important  to finish the course as quickly as possible  before you arrive with a family so you are prepared for life as an Au Pair

Absolutely. The Au Pair course is a great welcome gift for your new Au Pair.  Best thing is to purchase a gift card so that you can sign up under your own account