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Why I developed Babysitting and Au Pair courses?

They turned out ok but it wasn't always easy

3 kids under 3

My son had just turned 3 when his twin brother and sister were born. There were challenges in that, but one I couldn’t conquer was how I was going to pick my son up from his kinder (that I am still a raving fan of to this day) when his classroom was upstairs? That was it, I needed an extra pair of hands, an Au Pair was the perfect solution. 

My first Au Pair was lovely and very appreciative of everything I taught her but by the time she felt confident how to juggle multiple hungry mouths playtime demands and really enjoy her time with us, her 6  months was up and it was time to go home, 

The poo in the bath was the final straw with my second Au Pair

It had been weeks of crying that she missed her boyfriend, hiding in her room at night talking to him and then waking up late for the kids but when she ran away from the poo in the bath, that was it. We both knew Au Pairing wasn’t for her. 

Yes it was in the manual, but who reads the manual?

 As for the third Au Pair, well I was just exhausted explaining how to hold the babies properly, how to safely play ball with my 3-year-old in the street with cars racing by and how to prepare basic snacks for the park. YES, it was in the manual, but who reads the manual? What I also knew was that young babysitters without experience also wouldn’t work. These babysitters and Au Pairs were enthusiastic and caring but just missed the essential training of looking after kids professionally. Any other job needs training so why should looking after kids be any different?

It was then it occurred to me that the manual should only be for house routines, where everything is kept, house rules and schedules.  What I really wanted and Au Pairs need to have a successful time was to prepare Au Pairs before they arrived with the essentials of basic childcare, first aid, engaging with kids of all ages, expecations and of course safety. 

Basic online training backed by experts

About me

Primary School qualified teacher

Kinder and early years teacher

Early Years Educational Leader

Recruited teachers, assistants and special needs teachers in London schools

Greatest achievement- surviving and thriving with 3 gorgeous kids

Turned out I wasnt the only one who needed Au Pairs and Babysitters to do a course

The Au Pair and Babysitter certificate of confidence

Having lived overseas for several years I knew full well what a huge emotional upheaval it is to move countries.  What I also knew was that babysitters from down the road without experience would be the same problem.  These babysitters and Au Pairs were enthusiastic and caring but didn’t have the experience or training and therefore the confidence to really enjoy the privilege of working with children.  Any other job needs training so why should looking after kids be any different?

Finding a great Au Pair

nanny training

I figured there were plenty of facts and figures out there, but I really wanted a practical guide to managing the unexpected of looking after kids. So, throughout our online Au Pair and babysitter courses you will come across Ben, Matilda and Ozzie who are typical kids you would meet on your journey as a Babysitter or Au Pair who will guide you through real-life experiences.

Then, just to make sure I had my facts and figures correct, I put together a team of experts in each industry area to endorse the content. 

The Best Babysitter

Roni is the daughter of a friend down the road. 14 years old and the first to complete my course. No one believed that a 14 year old put 3 kids to sleep, bathes, feeds and plays with them. The babysitter course gave her the confidence to know what needs to be done and how. I was onto something!

What our Au Pair and Babysitting courses teach you

babysitter online

The course will take you around 8 hours to complete but you won’t be clock watching because we don’t just stuff you with facts and figures.  Our courses are jam packed with real- life scenarios featuring these guys , practical tips and quizzes. We will even keep you slightly entertained because looking after kids should be fun.

Stand out from the crowd as someone who is serious and prepared for the important job of looking after children and gain a certificate to prove it

The Sittertrain kids will guide you through real life scenarios  you will face as a babysitter or Au Pair so you will learn to manage expectations and sticky situations with kids, parents and real life. We also have have industry experts on board who have endorsed all our content to reassure you that our information is relevant and up to date.


We will show you how to spot hidden dangers for small and big kids. We will not only train you what to do in an emergency but how to avoid one.

danger choking

Behaviour management

We show you how to catch kids being good and other expert tips to keep kids engaged and wanting you to come back while following house rules.

allergic to no

First Aid

We will teach you everything you need to know about First Aid but more importantly, we will show you how to recognize if a child is ill and know what to do about it. 


Being professional

Being professional on the job means having a can-do approach and knowing what’s expected. We will show you how to be a leader amongst kids and how to navigate tricky situations with and without kids.

Meet the experts who endorse the Babysitting and Au Pair training courses

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Au Pairs

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