Au pair and Babysitter online training courses

Sitter Train courses give the peace of mind, confidence, skills and knowledge to look after kids

gift certificate
Gift certificate


Easy sign up! User details emailed to get you started straight away. Log on and off any time


6 hours of interactive lessons with videos, case studies and quizzes


Gain confidence and a certificate of completion for in home childcare

Resources and Support

We’re here to guide you through your journey and provide valuable resources.

Go at your own pace

Log on and off whenever you like to suit your busy schedule. You can even review past quizzes and lessons.

Quality Content

Reviewed and endorsed by leading organisations in first aid, safety and child care.

Certificate of Completion

Receive a Sitter Train certificate of completion – a great way to show employers you are ready for the job.

Engaging Lessons

6 fun lessons on first aid, safety, and essential child care knowledge.

Interactive Online Course

Over 6 hours of content, including videos and guides developed by experts in safety and child care.

We acknowledge the generous contribution of videos and fact sheets to produce the Sitter Train courses:


Lessons are reviewed by professionals in lesson topics