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6 hours of interactive lessons with videos, case studies and quizzes
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  • "Yes, It was very usefull. I learned a lot, and I fell more prepared for living in Australia :)
    It's a good things because I have more knowledge now about child care."
    Dorianne (French Au pair)
  • Ever since completing this course, I have noticed how much more confident and comfortable I am babysitting. Not only do I feel as if I can safely care for children of all ages, but I also now know what is expected of me as a baby sitter. Thanks to Sitter Train I now know how to deal with fussy eaters, what to do if someone breaks into the house and how to swaddle a new born safely. These are all things which I need to know when looking after children but no one ever taught me! I could not speak more highly of this course and I encourage everyone to complete it.
    Justine Gamsu, Babysitter
  • Even though I have baby sat for many years, I feel as though this has given me more confidence and has definitely reassured me of what to do in certain situations. I really enjoyed the consistency following Ozzie and Matilda throughout the whole course as it really made me feel like I was looking after two kids

    Rebecca Balsim, Babysitter
  • "I thought all the information was extremely relevant, very easy to understand and concise."
    Kath Stewart, babysitter
  • "It was extremely beneficial so I would definitely recommend this to all my friends." 

    Terri Bright, Babysitter
  • "I absolutely loved this course, especially 'Just for You." I felt as if that section really tied everything together and told me where to go from here" 

    James Green, Babysitter
  • What a great course! The outdoor safety section of your course will certainly get people thinking about safety and avoiding hazards when outside the house and in unfamiliar rural environments. I would recommend any person considering looking after other people’s children complete your course"  

    John Lindros- Director, Auscamp
  • Sitter Train addresses the essential knowledge every one should have to be safe in and around all aquatic environments. The format and content is easy to understand, concise, informative and entertaining" 

    BJ Lamm, Director Starfish Swim School, Bentleigh, VIC
  • “It takes a village to raise a child!” Teachers, parents and all caregivers play a vital role in bringing up children. It is just as important for babysitters/au pairs and all caregivers to be trained and prepared for raising children" 

    Talli Kimelman, Parenting Educator, Early Learning Specialist & mother of 11
  • "As an early years teacher and a mother of 3, I think Sitter Train is just what Australia needs. Well done girls!!! Amazing idea and you covered everything so well" 

    Belinda Pitt, Early Years Teacher & mum of 3
  • Sitter Train provides a comprehensive online course to ensure all the essentials are covered for anyone to confidently and competently look after children. The material is well referenced, with case studies and short quizzes to check and reinforce learned content. There is a lot of content covered. Fortunately there is no time limit on access. I would recommend for all people who care for children especially au pairs and babysitters to complete this course.
    Leanne Artis, mum
  • I was a bit hesitant at first as I didn't know if it would be of good value but I was pleasantly surprised that for someone who did not know the basics of babysitting it was very helpful. It was a very easy to follow plan of things to learn about and understand. It also talks quite a bit about safety which is VERY important when it comes to taking care of kids. 

    Katrina Amen-Aquino, mum
  • I think Sitter train is a great way for kids to become confident and for parents to feel safe leaving their children with babysitters  or au pairs who have done this online course. I like that you are emailed your official badge and that you can share it on social networks. What a great feeling for the kids"
    Kelly Morris, mum of 3
  • I found the content extremely thorough and comprehensive, yet presented in a format and language that was easy to understand and made sense. I highly recommend this course, and would feel confident hiring someone who had completed the course.
    Sam Arnold, mum